www.BadAssOwls.com is a comedic satire site referencing owls as portraying human characteristics with exaggerated physical and mental abilities most displaying disturbing psychological problems.


The upcoming movie Legend of The Guardians : The Owls of Ga Hoole, which is based of the book “Guardians of Ga’hoole”, inspired this site. Originally a young adult epic fantasy based on the adventures of a young barn owl named Soren who puts the biggest bad ass to shame. Soren once played the most bad ass songs of all time using a banana peel, a rusted skillet and a few lines of cocaine. Legend has it, his tribal tattoos were painted using the blood of a cyclops and the tears of unicorns. It was also done by Kat Von D while she was tripping on acid. He once built a bomb shelter out of his own indestructible feathers to protect a class of 6th graders from being incinerated by his own explosive charisma.


Everything you read on this site is an exaggeration of the truth. Don’t mistake this site for some bullshit animal farm satire. By reading this sentence you agree to waive all rights. By visiting this site you have agreed to waive all rights. Don’t worry you still have rights, just not on this site. You only have one right on www.badassowls.com and that’s the right to acknowledge how bad ass owls are.

If you find anything on this site offensive and deem it untrue about owls then feel free to contact us so we may address your issues and concerns. We also don’t mind if you submit a complaint about us. We love and respect owls as well its closest relative, Tiberious Cashflow.

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